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List of alleged Windows Phones reveals Nokia Dogphone, Fluid and P4301, working titles we hope

James Trew , @itstrew

It looks like Nokia has been playing the blindfolded dictionary game again. Well, that's if the image we see above is correct. It's purportedly a table containing names of upcoming Windows Phone 8 devices, found by a curious wallpaper designer. The names listed for Nokia include "Fluid," "Dogphone," and the previously seen "Phi." One slightly less superlative name -- Nokia P4301 -- caught the attention of PhoneArena, who mused that P might be for PureView? An interesting, if not optimistic leap. There are two other items in the table that might pique interest: a Samsung SGH-1687 and a Juggernaught Alpha. There's little else to get excited about specification-wise, bar different versions of Windows Phone, however. That said, no one as yet has mentioned the elephant in the room -- what about that "Virtual" model in the works from Microsoft?

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