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List of alleged Windows Phones reveals Nokia Dogphone, Fluid and P4301, working titles we hope


It looks like Nokia has been playing the blindfolded dictionary game again. Well, that's if the image we see above is correct. It's purportedly a table containing names of upcoming Windows Phone 8 devices, found by a curious wallpaper designer. The names listed for Nokia include "Fluid," "Dogphone," and the previously seen "Phi." One slightly less superlative name -- Nokia P4301 -- caught the attention of PhoneArena, who mused that P might be for PureView? An interesting, if not optimistic leap. There are two other items in the table that might pique interest: a Samsung SGH-1687 and a Juggernaught Alpha. There's little else to get excited about specification-wise, bar different versions of Windows Phone, however. That said, no one as yet has mentioned the elephant in the room -- what about that "Virtual" model in the works from Microsoft?

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