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Samsung Galaxy Note documents pop up on T-Mobile's site, prepares for its grand entrance


If there's one thing we can be certain of, it's this: T-Mobile's been anything but cautious about keeping its own Galaxy Note variant under secretive wraps. In a matter of weeks, we've spotted it while paying Mr. Blurrycam a visit, making a short stop at the FCC offices and, most recently, showing its phablet self in some purported T-Mo press shots. And although this time it isn't being as revealing as it has in previous occasions, it's yet another sign that its eventual entrance into T-Mobile's smartphone lineup is right around the corner. As a curious TmoNews reader found out, a quick, simple search for Galaxy Note within the Magenta site brings up a plethora of support documents for the device, including bits like software overview, call functionality, media, customization and specs. In case you were planning on snagging one of these once it launches, this might be a good way to become acquainted with the Samsung's jumbo slab.

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