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SiliconDust HDHomerun Prime CableCARD tuners hit Woot for $130


If you've been thinking about building an HTPC without spending a lot of money then first of all we have a post that can help you with that (and a comment section of folks saying they can do even better), and second, it might be time to grab one of SiliconDust's HDHomeRun Prime TV tuners. The three tuner CableCARD device can turn your computer into a cable box, and Woot is selling brand new units for just $130 (plus $5 shipping) in this morning's one day sale, a decent discount form the $180 - $200 prices we found elsewhere. Still not convinced this is for you? Check out our hands-on with the device or a quick video trailer embedded after the break. Oh, and if you need a new HDTV to plug it into, Woot's also running a sale on some LG LCDs with 3D and connected apps for $650 / $900 (47-inch / 55-inch).

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