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Telefonica's Tuenti social network kicks off global expansion, rolls out mobile apps


It may not be that well known over here, but the Telefonica-owned Tuenti social network is big in Spain, where it has 13 million users and rakes in over 40 billion page views per month. Now it's hoping to make itself better known elsewhere, today kicking off a major expansion that will see it made available around the world in nine different languages. What's more, it's also announced some new mobile apps for the occasion, including integrated messaging and dedicated Tuenti apps for Android and BlackBerry, with iOS and Windows Phone versions promised in the "coming weeks." As TechCrunch notes, the social network is similar to Twitter in many respects, with status updates (or what Tuenti calls "moments") limited to 140 characters, but it also veers a bit into Facebook territory as well, focused more on the notion of friends than followers. You can sign up and give it a go yourself at the source link below.

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