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Greenpeace boosts Apple's rating, but barely


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Greenpeace recently released an environmental report on Apple and upgraded the company's score from an F to a D, says a report in Wired. Greenpeace pointed to Apple's commitment to use alternative power at its North Carolina and Oregon data centers as the reason for this small boost in score, but wanted additional details on how the Cupertino company was going to carry out its plans.

Apple has said publicly that it expects to power 60 percent of its North Carolina data center and 100 percent of its Newark, California center with renewable energy. Its upcoming Oregon data center will be power by a combination of hydro, geothermal and wind energy.

The environmental watchdog also listed several recommended steps Apple should take if it's serious about the environment. These steps include choosing a renewable-powered utility for its Oregon Data center and seeking alternatives to using the "dirty electricity" from Duke Energy. Instead of relying on coal-based power, Greenpeace encouraged Apple to "use its buying leverage with Duke Energy and other utilities to push for cleaner electricity options."

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