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MacPractice Clipboard iPad Apps make patient sign-in a snap


A trip to the doctor's office usually means one thing -- filling out one form or another. For patients, it's a necessary evil; for health care practitioners, it's a requirement. Longtime Apple developer MacPractice announced today that it has released new free Clipboard iPad Apps to make patient registration a breeze at medical, dental, chiropractic, and vision care facilities.

Four apps were released today: MD Clipboard for iPad, DDS Clipboard for iPad, DC Clipboard for iPad, and 20/20 Clipboard for iPad. The apps provide a HIPAA-compliant registration process for patients, and integrate with the full MacPractice software suites. Data is entered by patients who complete and sign forms, and the information is automatically entered into the patient's records in MacPractice. The advantages? Saving paper, reducing staff time by not having to manually enter information from paper forms into an electronic system, and reducing the risk of data-entry errors from illegible handwriting.

MacPractice is currently used in over 4,000 practices, and is a ONC-ATCB 2011-2012 Certified EHR/EMR solution.

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