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    mophie goes pro with new 2500 mAh juice pack PRO for iPhone 4/4S


    Imagine an iPhone case that gives you not only a healthy 2500 mAh battery pack, but also all of the incredible protection you'd find in a LifeProof or OtterBox case. There's no need to fantasize about this ultimate iPhone case, because it's now available in the mophie juice pack PRO (US$129.95). Read on for a full TUAW review, and then stick around to enter our giveaway for this new case.


    mophie is grabbing bragging rights with the PRO, which has the largest battery pack they've ever built into one of their iPhone cases and exceeds MIL-STD 810G for splash, rain, sand, dust, impact and drop, and vibration and shock protection.

    Since you might not want to have this bulky (1.02 inches thick) case in your pocket, it comes equipped with a 360° rotating belt clip for hands-free carrying. The case itself is wrapped in a rubberized material for both good gripping and impact protection, with an internal hard shell that also includes integrated screen protection, a pass-through home button, and a watertight speaker cover. The juice pack PRO weighs 5.4 ounces without the belt clip; the clip adds another 2.3 ounces.

    Gallery: mophie juice pack PRO | 10 Photos

    All of the ports have watertight seals that close over them, all that much better for keeping the iPhone dry when the rain is pouring down. It's not waterproof; you won't want to go scuba diving with your iPhone in a juice pack PRO. But if you spend a lot of time outdoors and want something that's going to keep your pride and joy safe in the rain or when you're scrambling up a mountain trail, this is the case for you.

    As with the other juice pack cases, charging of the battery pack is accomplished through a USB to micro-USB cable. In normal usage, the iPhone is charged first, with the battery pack being topped off next. The PRO also has the four standard white LEDs on the bottom to give you an idea of charge level (from personal experience, those LEDs also makes a great emergency flashlight).

    I use a mophie juice pack air and usually wait until my iPhone battery is below 10 percent of capacity before switching on the mophie's power. You can keep the mophie in standby mode like I do, or keep it on and let it supply all of the power to your iPhone.

    The juice pack PRO comes fully assembled, which gives you some good practice disassembling the device prior to first use. I found that it was easiest to pry the rubberized material away from the hard shell near the iPhone's volume button, and then work around the device pulling it off. Once that's done, pulling off the bottom of the hard shell (where the Dock connector resides) makes it easy to split the screen cover and battery pack apart.

    Reassembling the case with your iPhone does this in reverse order -- you "stack" the battery pack and your iPhone, then snap the screen cover and plastic shell down over the phone. Snap in the base, and then wrap the rubberized cover over it all, and you're ready to go.


    mophie continues to come out with new products that are extremely well-built and functional, and the juice pack PRO is the latest example of the company's innovation. The juice pack PRO is a worthy competitor to the OtterBox Defender series in terms of protection, but adds a 2500 mAh battery to the mix that the Defender lacks.


    • Powerful battery pack can add hours to the use of your iPhone 4S
    • MIL-STD construction provides protection from shock, drops, impacts, dust, splashes, and other mishaps
    • Rubberized exterior is easy to grip, even with wet or sweaty hands
    • Belt clip holds the case securely


    • Bulky, definitely not pocketable
    • Can be a challenge to install and remove

    Who is it for?

    • Anyone who wants the ultimate in protection for their iPhone 4/4S, but also wants additional battery life. This is the perfect case for anyone who spends a lot of time outdoors.


    And now the thing you've all been waiting for -- the giveaway! To enter, just fill out the form below completely, and we'll pick a winner through a random drawing. Here are the rules for the giveaway:

    • Open to legal US residents of the 50 United States, the District of Columbia and Canada (excluding Quebec) who are 18 and older.
    • To enter, fill out the form below completely and click or tap the Submit button.
    • The entry must be made before July 15, 2012 11:59PM Eastern Daylight Time.
    • You may enter only once.
    • One winner will be selected and will receive a mophie juice pack PRO valued at US$129.95
    • Click Here for complete Official Rules.

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