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Visit Silent Hill during Universal Studios' Halloween Horror Nights this October

Jordan Mallory

You know, we were just saying the other day how we wished we could spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on a trip across the country to be tortured by grotesque manifestations of our terrible inner demons and dark secrets. How serendipitous then that Universal Studios and Konami should announce a partnership that fulfills that exact wish!

Well, maybe the Silent Hill portion of Universal Studio's upcoming Halloween Horror Nights attraction won't actually transform life into an unending fount of misery and soullessness, but walking around a replica Silent Hill does sound like a pretty sweet idea.

The announcement video above specifically calls out Fog World, Otherworld, Pyramid Head and the Nurses as parts of the Silent Hill mythos that will be brought to life by the attraction, so if you're seeking redemption for the terrible sins you've committed, maybe book a flight to Hollywood or Orlando this October.

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