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Researcher calls platinum wrong for fuel cell development, looks elsewhere for efficiency

Darren Murph

Hearing that fuel cells aren't the most efficient thing in the world shouldn't take you by surprise, but a determination by one Alfred Anderson just might. The chemistry professor from Case Western Reserve University is now making a case for using something other than platinum as the "catalyst most commonly used to convert chemical energy to electricity." According to him: "Using platinum is like putting a resistor in the system." To be fair, Anderson still isn't sure which material should replace it, but he's adamant that wizards in the field should be spending their time looking for substitutes instead of tweaking platinum further. Currently, he's working with other researchers in order to find something that'll one-up what we're using today, and if you're into oodles of technobabble, you can dig into the ins and outs of his claims in the source link below.

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