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TERA chronoscrolls to be made available via Amazon

Game developers are always looking for new and exciting ways for you to give them your money. To that end, En Masse has partnered up with to sell TERA chronoscrolls, which are redeemable for a month of game time or for cold, hard gold from in-game brokers. Chronoscroll purchases through Amazon don't come with a clunky ol' code that has to be entered in anywhere. Instead, sweetening the deal, chronoscrolls will appear automagically in your in-game Item Claim window.

Need more convincing? Customers who integrate their En Masse and Amazon accounts in the next 30 days will get free stuff! The federation field kit, full of in-game goodies, will be available for free from Amazon. Check out the official news post for full details and the TERA + Amazon support page if this sounds like your kind of thing.

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