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World of Warplanes devs working on expert mode, control schemes

Jef Reahard

Part four of's ongoing World of Warplanes-focused dev diary series is here. The new video touches on the game's control schemes, and like previous installments, this episode features a number of WoWP developers talking about their baby.

The game differs from World of Tanks, and from most of its MMO contemporaries, by virtue of its z-axis and the challenges inherent in aerial combat. is providing a variety of control options for players ranging from flight sim enthusiasts to newbs who have no idea which end of joystick is up. Keyboards, gamepads, mice, and joysticks are all fair game.

That said, not all input devices are ideally suited to fast-paced combat. "Keys operate on a dual-mode on/off principle that makes smooth movement incredibly difficult to manage," explains producer Anton Sitnikau. Interestingly, Sitnikau also reveals that the devs are working on an "expert mode" that will grant players full control over their aircraft. World of Warplanes has heretofore been marketed as more of a casually accessible arcade battler than a flight sim. Check out the full dev diary after the break.

[Source: press release]

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