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Financial Times: Nokia mulling revenue split with carriers for Windows Phone 8


The Financial Times has reported that Nokia is in "exploratory" talks with several European carriers to share revenue for its upcoming Windows Phone 8 handsets in exchange for dedicated support. This would be a shift from its normal modus operandi, which is to sell as many phones as it can across all carriers at once, in favor of an approach which resembles Apple's deal with AT&T for the iPhone in 2007. The Finnish company could be hoping to create the same level of excitement for its WP8 phone that Cupertino did back then -- and may also be trying to offer a more profitable carrier alternative to Apple and Samsung, who use their dominance to grab the lion's share of handset revenue. While operators like France Telecom (Orange) and Deutsche Telekom are said to be involved, all parties have declined to comment. So, take this for what it is -- just a rumor at the moment -- but based on deals it made in the US with AT&T and the Lumia 900, it wouldn't be a shocker for Nokia to at least consider it.

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