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RIFT gives previous subscribers a free weekend of play, hosts Conquest event


To prepare for the coming of RIFT: Storm Legion, Trion Worlds is throwing open the doors to previous subscribers in an attempt to lure them back to Telara. From July 25th through the 29th, anyone who's previously played the paid version of the game can access the full version for free.

Trion's also putting the spotlight on its new three-faction Conquest PvP during the week. Players have a limited opportunity to snag special titles if they engage in combat or craft with excellence in Conquest, but these titles are going away as of the 30th.

The dev team will be joining the fun as well; the devs plan to make appearances in each Conquest wargroup for those foolhardy enough to take them on. These grudge matches are scheduled on the 26th and 27th.

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