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Accessory maker Moshi settles patent suit with three firms


The California-based Mac, iPhone and iPad accessory maker Moshi announced yesterday that the company has settled three suits it brought against other vendors. The other companies were allegedly copying Moshi's patented iVisor touchscreen protector, which is designed to be applied bubble-free. Moshi says it has sold more than 3 million iVisor units in iPhone, iPad and Android-compatible forms.

Moshi gained permanent injunctions against PhoneDevil Ltd. and Shenzhen Membrane Precise Electron Ltd. that prevent those two firms from selling products in scope of the patent (US patent 8,044,942, which describes touchscreen protectors with an "air gap" between cover and screen). Both companies are also making financial payments to settle the dispute. This follows an earlier case where Splash Products LLC agreed to pay Moshi a settlement fee and exit the market for these products.

We hear constantly about the patent lawsuits at the top level of the technology industry between giant firms such as Samsung, Motorola Mobility, HTC, Kodak and Apple -- but the same cat and mouse game is taking place throughout the tech sector, much as it is across all business areas. If you've got a patent covering a popular product category, chances are sooner or later you'll have a lawsuit.

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