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The Daily Grind: Is it possible to get as attached to vehicles as avatars?


Vehicle MMOs, whether they be space-based ones with starships or Mad Max-style road warriors, seem to come with a pretty severe handicap when it comes to personal connection. I've long since believed that it's simply far, far harder to identify with a non-living vehicle than it is a virtual humanoid in games, and because of that, such titles will be at a disadvantage when trying to keep players attached to their in-game avatars.

Part of this problem might stem from the fact that most vehicle MMOs have you constantly ditching old models in favor of new ones. Apart from games like Marvel Heroes, you just don't see that in traditional MMOs; your avatar at the beginning is the same one at the end, just better clothed. By viewing your vehicular avatars as disposable tools, you have a much harder time properly bonding with that item.

Then again, I could be wrong. It's the internet, so I'm sure to be called out as such. I genuinely want to know: Is it possible to get as attached to vehicles as your in-MMO avatars?

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