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Ask Massively: Safe for work edition

Eliot Lefebvre

I'm happy to announce that this installment of Ask Massively is entirely safe for work. You can click past the link assured that an embedded video will not start autoplaying a rap video with explicit lyrics that have been banned in seven countries. There are no pictures or descriptions of acts between two consenting adults that would result in jail time or possible lingering infections within one's armpits. No, you can show what's past the break to your boss!

Assuming that your boss is totally OK with your spending company time browsing MMO sites instead of doing your job. So in that sense, it's not all that safe.

In any event, this week we're looking at the transfer of names between your favorite Guild Wars characters and their new counterparts in Guild Wars 2. If you've got a question you'd like to see answered in a future installment of the column, mail it to or leave it in the comments below. Questions may be edited slightly for clarity and/or brevity.

Kalvin asked: How do I reserve a name from my Guild Wars account for use in Guild Wars 2? Do I log in on a certain day and do something?

What you have to do is actually remarkably simple. According to the official post on the matter, you just have to flag your account as active, and all that requires is your having logged in to Guild Wars at some point between January 1st, 2012 and launch day for Guild Wars 2. You could do that right now and you'd be all set, as that flags your account as "active."

All names on "active" accounts will be reserved for the appropriate player through the headstart period and up to the end of launch day. So if you have a Guild Wars character named Whipple Sacknozzle, you're apparently playing a poorly named Asura. But you also have the entirety of the headstart to make a character in Guild Wars 2 named Whipple Sacknozzle. Should you avoid making Whipple Sacknozzle in the new game until a week after launch, you run the risk of finding someone else desperate to name his or her character Whipple Sacknozzle, which would result in your losing the name.

In the event that there are actually people in the world competing for the name Whipple Sacknozzle, please do not tell me.

It's a little breach of roleplaying reality to play someone else with the exact same name more than two centuries later... but it also does make a certain amount of sense. A lot of people name their children after famous individuals. Apparently your character's parents were big fans of the Sacknozzle legacy.
AsteriskCGY asked: Who was buying the maid deck building game and have you been able to do that yet?
That would be me. And no, I've elected to wait for a little while, as August already has a couple of other game releases I'm looking forward to. I do need to pace myself, you understand.
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