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RIFT community team answers (almost) anything


RIFT's intrepid community team took to Reddit for a freewheeling ask-me-(almost)-anything (AMAA) today, and we've gleaned a few nuggets of knowledge from the discussion. Why "almost" anything? The CMs said they couldn't address unrevealed information about the expansion or things like balance mechanics. Taking part in the AMAA were James Nichols, James Weeks, and Amanda Fry.

So how does the CM team think the game is doing and what does RIFT need at this point? Weeks addressed this one: "We've definitely added content faster than the speed of light. Honestly, as RIFT is here to stay, most everything I would want is probably coming at some point. Keep in mind, I started playing RIFT before I came to Trion. It was already the game for me."

Nichols did speak to the crowd of anxious would-be RIFT homeowners about Storm Legion's Dimensions: "We're dying to show you -- but the reality is Dimensions were brand-new, still drying on the whiteboard. We're making progress towards them becoming a reality but it's probably going to be around or after Gamescom/PAX that you'll really get to learn more!"

Other topics of the AMA included what goes on during server downtime, what other games the team plays, favorite moments with the team, and of course, the game's fascination with Corgis.

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