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Tokyo bakery's visual recognition checkout sorts the sandwiches from the croissants (video)


We've seen food recognition tools in the past, but none as slick as this one being trialed at a Tokyo bakery. Co-developed by Brain Corporation and the University of Hyogo, the camera-equipped, automatic checkout is not only quick, but also accurate -- it's even able to distinguish different types of sandwich. And, if it can't tell exactly what's on the tray, it'll give you a list of suggestions and then use your selection to inform later scans. Currently, the system is said to be particularly useful for part-time staff that aren't completely familiar with the bakery's offerings, but it also has potential in all kinds of retail situations, much to the disappointment of the trusty barcode. Combine this system with Bakebot, however, and staff won't be needed at all. If you're hungry to see the checkout in action, head past the break for a visual snack.

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