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More iPhone prototypes revealed to disprove Sony design influence


Samsung and Apple face off in court this week when jury selection in their big patent infringement trial begins in the US. As the two gear up for their legal battle, tech journalists are still pulling out prototype images, emails and other information from the briefs that reveal a side of Apple we hardly ever see.

The Verge pulled out another iPhone prototype called "Purple" that pre-dates the "Sony-Inspired" designs we saw last week. Purple was added by Apple to show that the company had the design for the iPhone several months before the Sony designs were created. The Sony and Jony designs were nothing more than a fun side-project based on a concept Apple was already refining.

AllThingsD also has a slideshow, 100 images long, of early iPad and iPhone designs. Some of the images are CAD diagrams, while others are photographs of models that Apple manufactured. The designs include rounded and squared-cornered iPads, and an iPhone that looks just like the iPod. The latest filings also contain emails, that along with the designs, give us a brief glimpse into Apple's design process.

[Via Engadget]

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