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ArenaNet devs discuss PvP tournaments and e-sports

Guild Wars 2 is getting steadily closer to release, but players are as hungry as ever for every little detail about the game. ArenaNet devs Jonathan Sharp and John Corpening took some time to scratch the unrelenting itch of curiosity in an interview with Guild Wars 2 Guru.

The game's normal structured PvP tournaments will be restricted, for technical reasons, by region. Worldwide tournaments will still be possible but will be dealt with "in a manner outside of the online tournament system." Before automated tournaments, players will be able to see the maps that will be used for each of the three rounds of the tournament but unable to see the composition of enemy teams. As things stand now, players will be able to change builds between rounds, but the devs are still looking for further feedback about that particular bucket of fish. Game formats other than the conquest that currently serves as the current primary PvP mechanic aren't out of the question for the future, but the team wants the game to start off with something that is easily approachable.

ArenaNet hasn't really made a secret out of e-sports plans for Guild Wars 2. To that end, a spectator mode is high on the list of additions to the game, but the only timeframe devs are giving is "when it's ready." While the devs can't say much yet about plans for PvP publicity and ranking systems, they are hoping for Guild Wars 2 to prove itself as an e-sport and are committed to the original intention of letting players jump in and be competitive in PvP right off the bat.

Check out the original interview for every breathtaking tease, hint, and detail.

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