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Dawn of Fantasy's been invaded by Dwarves

MJ Guthrie

Things may have seemed quiet for the siege-based Dawn of Fantasy until now, but the thundering sound of cannon fire and Dwarven boots marching on the three realms is breaking that silence. Reverie World Studios has announced The Dwarven Invasion, a new game-changing mini-expansion event that will shake things up.

Although the Dwarves visited for a brief time once before, this time they are bringing a new technology: gunpowder. Luckily, not all of the invading horde is about conquering; although players will face Dwarven foes on the battlefield, there will also be select mercenaries joining the fray as friends. Some mercenaries are free of charge, but others can hired from the Online Kingdom Market for a discount. The game also offers a new Dwarven menu design and soundtrack.

As a special promotion, from now until August 7th, all games purchased through the official site will include two bonus codes (worth $20 US) redeemable for additional free Dwarven units as well as a Haunter Dragon.

Check out some screenshots of the invasion in the gallery below.

[Source: Reverie Worlds Studios press release]

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