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The best London transport app for the Olympics or anytime

A few weeks ago I wrote an article highlighting the best London transportation apps for visitors coming to the London Olympics. In my article I divided the apps based on mode of transport: tube, bus, car, boat, and bicycle.

Shortly after the article went live I was having dinner with some old friends from Apple who were visiting the city; they told me about an app they've recently found that helps them get around London: the aptly-named London Transport. After using it for a week, I can say that this is the best London transportation app I've ever used and anyone who lives here or is thinking of visiting London should download it immediately.

London Transport is a joy to use, and it's especially intuitive for those of you who are used to looking at search results from Transport for London's official website. Matter of fact, the app is so good, I'm comfortable suggesting that it should become TFL's official app (as they currently don't have one).

Launch London Transport and you'll be able plan a journey via virtually any mode of London transportation available: tube, bus, cycle hire, DLR, taxi and minicab, boat, tram, or road. You can bookmark your favorite locations, tube stops, or address for quick access when planning routes, and set a home location so you can simply tap the "Take me home" button to see the quickest options for getting you home. In addition to the navigation capabilities and real-time departure board updates, the app also shows you your Oyster Card balance and even the closest locations where you can top up your card.

I could go on and on about the myriad features this app offers, but instead I'll just tell you to check out the gallery below and then go and download it and use it for yourself. London Transport is US$4.99 in the App Store.

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