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EA Season Ticket expands with 'over $100 of PDLC' for use in Ultimate Team mode


Nope, "PDLC" does not stand for "Penguin Downloadable Costumes," as much as we want it to. Unfortunately, in this instance, it stands for "paid downloadable content," and EA Sports' $25 "Season Ticket" is adding a smattering of said content to its value proposition in its coming line of annual sports games.

For instance, Madden 13 players are getting one legendary pack and 24 Pro Madden Packs, apparently, while NHL/FIFA fans are also getting 24 "Premium Gold Packs" for their Ultimate Team modes. Both Tiger Woods 14 and NCAA 14 are also putting their normally paid DLC into EA's Season Ticket program, though no details are given on what that content will be.

The usual other Season Ticket perks apply, such as three-day early access to digital versions of next year's sports title and a 20 percent discount on non-included DLC. And yes, you get to keep the smug sense of satisfaction you get from having a one-up on your Ultimate Team compatriots.

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