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THQ lives to fight another day following Q1 results


THQ walked away from its first quarter, ending June 30, with $133.7 million in sales and income of $15.4 million. Of course, a lot of blood had to be shed to get there.

Beyond that, the company's financial release reiterated a lot of the key points the company has been trying to make regarding its turnaround.

"We have made significant progress reshaping the company," said CEO Brian Farrell. "With the changes implemented over the last several months, we are in a much better position today to deliver on our pipeline of games, beginning with Darksiders 2, which launches next week in North America."

That reshaping included new executives, layoffs, closures, the UFC rights sale, the Saints Row product shuffle, we think that's about it? Oh wait, the reverse stock split. Okay, now we think that's it.

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