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Amazon responds to iCloud account hacking

Amazon is taking action after learning of the inadvertent role it played in Wired writer Mat Honan's digital nightmare last week, when his iCloud account password was compromised and his Mac was wiped. Apple spokeswoman Natalie Kerris told Wired on Monday that processes were being reviewed, but Amazon has actually enacted a new security policy in light of what happened to Honan.

As of today, Amazon will no longer allow users to change account settings, including credit card information and email addresses associated with the account, via phone. Wired confirmed this change while trying unsuccessfully to replicate the social engineering steps used to get into Honan's accounts.

We've yet to see exactly what steps Apple is taking to rectify the security issues, but Wired's Robert McMillan has written a good piece on why Apple's secure password advice is no help against the sort of information phishing that caused the loss of Honan's data.

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