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EA shares more about upcoming Ultima Forever for iOS


Bioware and EA recently announced plans to revive the Ultima brand as a free-to-play online title that will premiere on iOS. In a recent interview, executive producer Jeff Skalski shared more information about the game.

First, the game's microtransactions will mostly focus on cosmetic features and extras, rather than energy required to play the game, so players won't have to wait for hours inbetween playtimes (like a lot of Facebook titles). The game will also feature cross-platform play, though only an iOS version is planned to start, and it will be designed with touchscreen controls in mind at first.

The gameplay itself will consist of quests and moral choices. Skalski described the combat as "Legend of the Zelda: Link to the Past, but you have 4-5 abilities instead of just swing. Our combat is positional based, and by flanking or hitting an enemy from behind you increase your chance to crit." It all sounds very interesting, and a lot of fun.

Ultima Forever is just one of several free-to-play titles EA plans to release over the next few months, so we'll keep an eye out for it.

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