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EVE's Inferno build patched to 1.2, newb-friendly tweaks abound

Jef Reahard

How many times has CCP talked about revamping EVE Online's tutorials, and how many times has the Icelandic development firm sought to make the sci-fi sandbox less like ancient Sanskrit and more like an intuitive MMO? Frankly we've lost count, but today's Inferno 1.2 patch takes yet another crack at accessibility.

The initial tutorial sequence has been "completely overhauled" according to the patch notes, and the character creation process (specifically racial maps and bloodline avatars) has been tweaked a bit.

Also included in this patch are some newbie-friendly enhancements to Aura's directions, module mouseover updates, and various and sundry balance and gameplay changes. Head to the official EVE website for more details and the full update notes.

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