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iFixit produces repair manual for MacBook Pro with Retina display, tests DIY's limits


While we've been fans of the MacBook Pro with Retina display, iFixit hasn't been so keen -- a company based around DIY repairs isn't fond of a system where most components are glued or soldered into place. That hasn't stopped the team from developing a repair manual for those who want to give maintenance a try. A total of 16 guides show us how to disassemble or remove those parts that stand a realistic chance of leaving the system unscathed. While that does include some key components, iFixit continues to fly some caution flags: getting to one part often requires taking apart others, and removing the battery carries the very real possibility of permanent damage. If you'd still prefer to upgrade the SSD yourself (when an option) than pay Apple more for a custom order, there's now a helping hand for your thriftiness.

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