iFixit tears the MacBook Pro with Retina Display to pieces, gets a few shocks on the way

Barely two full days have elapsed since Tim and the gang announced the gawkily-named MacBook Pro with Retina Display, and already the screwdriver-wielding mavens at iFixit have torn one apart. What did they find? The Samsung-made SSD and Hynix RAM are non-upgradeable, forcing you to decide how much of both you'll need now and in the future. Meanwhile, the battery is glued to the housing and that gorgeous display is fused into the assembly, so it'll be expensive to replace should the worst happen. Speaking of its power reserves, this laptop is packing 95 Wh of juice -- capable of seven hours of life and shocking the engineer silly when he tried to disassemble it. If you'd like to see the intermediate stages of this gadget-autopsy, head on via our source link.