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New Red 5 dev diary details Firefall's extreme makeover

Jef Reahard

What's going on with Firefall lately? Only the biggest patch in the title's history, according to Red 5's James Macauley.

"We wanted to make the game more competitive, more skill-based. We wanted to reward you for your level of mastery," Macauley explains. Core combat has been completely overhauled, and everything from run speed to jump height, jump jets, weapons, and abilities were tweaked. The dev team even added the new Biotech class.

Player progression was also adjusted via the removal of traditional levels in favor of battleframe tiers. The changes are designed to put advancement choices in the hands of players rather than force everyone along the same pre-determined path.

Firefall's extreme makeover also includes new crafting functionality and a 3-D battleframe garage instead of the old paperdoll loadout screen. More changes are detailed in the full dev diary video, which you can view after the cut.

[Thanks to Cory for the tip!]

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