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Dejero LIVE + Mobile app turns the iPhone into a broadcast camera


The next wave of innovation in the mobile space will look at the existing hardware and ask how we can use the power in our hand to make life easier and better. For broadcasters, this future will lie in apps like the LIVE + Mobile from Dejero. Dejero is the company behind LIVE +, a portable broadcasting system that lets reporters deliver live HD or SD video using a cellular, WiFi or Ethernet connection. The company has taken this technology one step further and bundled it into an iOS app that'll turn any iPhone 4S or iPad owner into a field reporter.

The Dejero LIVE + Mobile app lets you broadcast live HD or SD video using your iOS device. It uses Dejero's patent-pending bonded cellular technology that combines both WiFi and cellular connections to broadcast live footage at the best quality possible. The app also takes advantage of both the front and rear-facing cameras, so a single reporter can capture both himself and the action in front of him using only his iPhone.

As you can imagine, the possibilities are limitless for reporters who have access to a broadcast solution that replaces a camera crew and fits in their pocket. Bogdan Frusina, Dejero CTO writes, "This technology allows them [reporters] to be first on a news scene and bring high quality live footage back to their viewers that previously would not have been possible."

The Dejero LIVE+ Mobile app is available for free from the iOS App Store. It requires a Dejero LIVE+ Broadcast server. You can read more about the technology on Dejero's website.

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