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Dungeon Defenders adds Jester Hero class, free for a limited time


Trendy Entertainment has deposited a brand new hero class into its Steam hit, Dungeon Defenders, and you can currently get it for free. The Jester is described as "a sly trickster born in a whimsical realm of chaos," and she can use any weapon in the game, as well as drop "presents" that open up to give out random defense and extras. The Jester can also use the "Move Tower" ability to change up the gameplan during a round, and the "Wheel O' Fortuna" ability could give your team great bonuses - or hurt everybody really badly.

Sounds like an interesting character choice, especially for those willing to roll the dice. The Jester DLC is free right now to download for current owners, and will remain so until Wednesday, August 22. After that, it will probably need a purchase to play: The Barbarian Hero pack currently sells for $2.99, so save yourself a few bucks and grab The Jester right away if you can.

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