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PBS delves into the finer points of buggy behavior in 'The Art of Glitch' (video)


To think that all those times people were cursing at their terminals every time they got the Blue Screen of Death, they should've been charging for admission. At least that's the idea one would get after checking out PBS' latest Off Book short doc, The Art of Glitch. The six-minute video takes a closer look at a movement that views a typically frustrating electronic phenomenon and considers it to be glorious, wonderful art instead. From neon signs on the fritz to digital files that are edited to cause buggy behavior, the range of glitch art is as broad as the imaginations of the people who prize them. The short doc is the latest offering from a web-original series that looks at "cutting edge arts" such as animated GIFs and 8-bit creations. In the meantime, you can bug out on the finer points of glitch art by checking out the video below.

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