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Star Trek Online hasn't given up on PvP

Eliot Lefebvre

Star Trek Online has had issues with PvP since launch, and with the departure of the developer earmarked for improving PvP, many players had probably given up hope. However, the most recent edition of Ask Cryptic reassures players that PvP development has not stopped. The team behind the game is focusing on giving PvP a lot of additional testing to ensure that it's fun, largely because it's been such a classic weakness within the game.

Obviously, that's not the only question answered in the monthly Q&A session; the update also covers the pace of adding story content to the game, plans for new ships, and KDF content as a whole. There's also an interesting response to a question about Star Trek Online's conversion to free-to-play; executive producer Dan Stahl asserts that the game certainly could have survived as a subscription game, but moving to free-to-play was more productive in the current MMO marketplace. There's a lot to digest in the answers, so fans of the game would be well-served to examine the full list in detail.

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