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PSA: Nexuiz both on sale and free-to-play this weekend via Steam

Jordan Mallory

From now until 4 p.m. Eastern time tomorrow afternoon, the CryEngine 3-powered, IllFonic-developed FPS Nexuiz will be free to play for anyone with Steam and a Windows machine capable of running things powered by CryEngine 3. If the game tickles your fancy during that brief period of care/money-free play time, it can be permanently purchased for $2.50 during the next 40 or so hours.

Look, just because we found Nexuiz a little bland doesn't mean we're going to stop you from getting a good deal on it. We're not monsters. Well, Gorthax in accounting is a monster, but he doesn't bring it up and neither do we and everyone gets along fine and no one gets eaten.

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