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Spec Ops dev working on a big project, probably isn't another Spec Ops


Yager, the developer of Spec Ops: The Line, has a large project in the works, design lead Jorg Friedrich told us at GDC Europe. Friedrich wouldn't say what the project was or whether Spec Ops: The Line publisher 2K Games would be involved, but he gave a hint as to the company's future in terms of game sales.

Without divulging official numbers for Spec Ops: The Line, Friedrich said, "To be honest, it doesn't look too great."

Friedrich hosted a discussion on the emotional impact of player decisions within interactive narratives, differentiating the writing in games from other forms of media, such as film. Having a player make decisions based on deep, moral values can hold more impact than passively watching a cast of characters do the same thing, he argued.

In a few instances Friedrich wanted to have Spec Ops: The Line players make difficult decisions without receiving any in-game rewards or punishments, keeping the focus solely on the moral implications. Unfortunately, the game had achievements, effectively negating any purely emotional impact each choice could have. That was a mistake and a failure, Friedrich said.

"I really regret that we had achievements on moral choices," he said.

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