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Toshiba backs out of Windows RT devices on launch, pins it on part delays


Microsoft was quick to champion its new Windows RT partners, but it'll have to count one out. Toshiba has opted not to join the ARM crowd at first and will limit itself to Intel-based Windows 8 systems, at least in the early days. The abstinence isn't coming from any misgivings about the platform -- there are unnamed "delayed components" that would make it "impossible" to put out a Windows RT system on time, Toshiba's Eric Paulsen says. There's no mention of when the company might dip its toe in the pool later on, and we're not getting any reassuring signs that it's anytime soon given that the firm is only "monitoring market conditions" rather than committing to a plan. Although Toshiba isn't hurting for tablets given an abundance of Excite devices, the absence narrows an ecosystem that Microsoft was no doubt hoping would grow wider.

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