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Knight Age open beta events begin August 28th

The stars must be in an almightily peculiar alignment on August 28th because everyone wants in on that action. A Joymax press release today announced that Knight Age, a new free-to-play MMO, will enter open beta testing on the 28th.

When the open beta does kick off, players will all be blessed with a double experience buff as a celebration of the game's Facebook page getting 3,000 Likes. Keep getting people to push that Like button to unlock new reward pellets!

To help you bide the time until testing opens, a number of contests are kicking off. There are a whopping 17 events planned to entertain and entice players between now and the end of open beta testing (whenever that is). Lucky winners can get in-game items like helpful goodies or pets that will carry over into launch, and especially lucky winners can get stuff like a brand-new laptop.

Prospective players can pre-register for open beta by creating a Joymax account and following the game's Facebook page for updates on contests and more.

[Source: Joymax press release]

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