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The Queue: Pet battles

Alex Ziebart

Welcome back to The Queue, the daily Q&A column in which the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Alex Ziebart will be your host today.

Today's edition of The Queue is all about pet battles and the upcoming patch 5.0.4.

NunoMarce asked:

Regarding Companion Pets, I'm still in dark about what Pets I can and cannot put in a cage and sell. Suppose I've been stacking Mr.Grubbs from the Eastern Plaguelands, can I sell them once the xpack hits? What about Rep based pets, like the Tiny Sporeling? I was under the impression the only pets you couldn't sell were CE ones, but this has changed recently?

Wild pets, the ones you catch via battling, cannot be caged at all. If you want the best quality wild pets, you need to go out and catch them yourself, not just dump gold on them. Many of the pets you've learned via items over the years can be traded. Pets such as the Ammen Vale Lashling from the Argent Tournament can be caged and sold at your leisure. I don't have a complete list of those that cannot be caged/sold, but it's generally the ones with some supreme exclusivity such as collector's edition pets or other pets you simply cannot acquire multiple times. Of the pets in the game right now, well over 100 of them can be caged, sold, or traded.

As a few quick examples, I was just able to cage my Sinister Squashling, since it is an event item you can acquire repeatedly, but I was unable to cage Pebble because he is an achievement reward. Mojo was fair game because you can go get another one out of Zul'Gurub, but you cannot cage the Clockwork Gnome, since you can only get that once via archaeology.

demon.within.x asked:

are there going to be resistance like stuff in pet battles like in pokemon? (Ex. Fire is strong agents Grass and weak agents water)

Yes. I hope to have a clear guide to these strengths/weaknesses on the site before the expansion launch. I scratched the surface of the system in the guide to my first day of pet battles that I wrote a few weeks back.

Crazy_Drago1 asked:

Will we ever see an update to Karazahn? Maybe with a working "lower Karazahn" section? I know Blizzard likes to focus on new content instead of reusing old when they can. But Kara is likely one of the most popular instances in WoW and there are plenty of players who never got to experience it when it was new content. It's just not the same when you can blow through the instance solo as a level 85.

Probably. When? I don't know.

JCD1975 asked:

How much xp do you earn from pet battles? Is it a reasonable alternative for leveling?

You get very little XP from pet battles. The only XP you gain is via the few pet battle quests. The battles themselves give your pets XP. It isn't a leveling alternative; it's a secondary activity.

JeffLaBowski asked:

For us low-tech folks- How can you tell if you successfully downloaded the 5.0 patch? I saw my Blizzard downloader on my tool bar but it didn't look like anything was going on.

The easiest way would be to open your launcher, click the Info dropdown menu, and select Connection Info. It will tell you how much data you've downloaded, and if you're in the process of downloading, it will break down all of your P2P connections.

bookworm13 asked:

Will relics/totems go away in patch 5.0.4 of Mists? Just wondering when I should pull the trigger on disenchanting them to extract their delicious Maelstrom Crystal core.

Yep. They are all gray items of no value come patch 5.0.4, so if you're disenchanting them, do it the night before the patch.

Have questions about the World of Warcraft? The WoW Insider crew is here with The Queue, our daily Q&A column. Leave your questions in the comments, and we'll do our best to answer 'em!

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