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Windows 8 RTM now available to developers, IT departments with TechNet subscriptions


At this point, we're expecting very few surprises when it comes to Windows 8: Microsoft just shipped the final code to OEMs, and the company already published a list of staggered dates when developers, volume licensees and Joe Schmo consumers would be able to download the software. We already knew, then, that on August 15th developers with MSDN subscriptions would be able to get the RTM build, as would IT pros subscribed to TechNet. Now that that day has come, though, it's worth repeating that those of you plugged into either the developer or TechNet program can start exploring the final software now -- a good ten weeks before the rest of the world. Don't have access? Luckily for you, Microsoft granted us early access to the RTM, and we've got a breakdown of the new features waiting for you right here.

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