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Gamestop adding auto-downloads to in-store DLC purchases

Xav de Matos, @Xav

GameStop is set to launch a new platform that gives consumers the ability to purchase and download content for the Xbox 360 in their stores. This new system abandons the current method of in-store DLC purchases, which would provide users with a code used to redeem content on their home consoles.

Speaking with Wired, GameStop president Tony Bartel said his company's new platform would bypass that step. "There was a lot of friction about putting in a [25-digit] code... with a controller," he said.

The way GameStop's new system works is ingenious in its simplicity: customers will receieve an email after purchasing the content in stores, which includes a link that be used to begin downloading the content on their connected machines.

The content delivery system is exclusive to GameStop and is only slated to launch for the Xbox 360; however, Bartel sees other platforms adopting the system in the future, saying the concept can be used with any partner on any platform.

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