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Edmund McMillen's 'Basement Collection' sees new content, Indie Game: The Movie clips


Edmund McMillen's PC Basement Collection isn't just a compendium of his old games – McMillen reports that all of the games in the collection have seen updates. For example, "ALL games in the collection will feature achievements," tracked within the collection, and providing unlocks upon completion of each game.

Time Fcuk has a "FULL 33 level 2nd chapter" and a new level editor, Meat Boy and Triachnid have tweaked controls, and Aether has a new soundtrack by Danny Baranowsky.

Additional bonuses include footage from Indie Game: The Movie of McMillen talking about the games in the collection, and "a new secret game!... but its a secret..." For a full rundown on the extras in the $4 collection, find a list on McMillen's site.

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