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Sony starts pushing Android 4.0 update to Xperia P owners, Xperia U and more coming soon


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Sony has been steadily deploying its Android 4.0 updates, but it's been leaving some of its newest phones out of the loop. Consider the Xperia P back in the groove: its upgrade is rolling out over the course of a few weeks, starting today. As always, the exact timing will depend on the carrier and country, and some owners may have to download the update the archaic, wired way instead of through the air. Should the Xperia P deployment still leave your device out of the running, Sony keenly points out that the Xperia U, Xperia go and Xperia sola are next on deck to receive a taste of Ice Cream Sandwich. About the only question left is when Android 4.1 will reach any Xperia models, although we're really just thankful to have much of Sony's current lineup on the same page.

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