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WSJ shares more details on Apple TV


Earlier this week, The Wall Street Journal leaked information about upcoming changes to the Apple TV. A follow-up report added details that suggest Apple may be working on a set-top television box with cloud-based DVR functions. It's a concept that is very similar to a design described in a recent Apple patent.

The Apple TV would let viewers watch their favorite TV show at any time via a DVR that stores the TV shows in the cloud. It may also have a familiar icon-based interface that'll be easier to use than current DVR's, which are often confusing and clunky. Not surprisingly, the Apple TV could serve up content to iPhones and iPads and may also include social media features.

Though this all sounds enticing, there's a chance it won't come to fruition. As we pointed out yesterday, the company's biggest hurdle won't be manufacturing the hardware, but getting the cable companies to ink a content deal.

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