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Third RaiderZ dev diary shows off mounts, cooking, and more

MJ Guthrie

Previous developer diaries have already demonstrated some of the features in the upcoming free-to-play action game RaiderZ, like using monsters' severed limbs as weapons and creating hybrid characters by blending archetypes. The third incantation in the series reveals even more goodies players can expect in the world of Rendel.

Crafters will find something to smile about as players will be able to craft their own unique weapons and armor as well as consumables. Eschewing the idea of junk loot, the devs state, "Every unique drop has a role in crafting the best gear." If you prefer to make tasty treats, you can hunt down spices and combine them with the meat of fresh-kills to create a feast for yourself and friends.

The video also shows off mounts (noting that some can actually assist players briefly in battle), special transformation items, and the ability to play music on various guitars. Catch all of the details in the video after the break. And watch Massively's first impressions video to check out some in-game beta action.

[Source: Perfect World press release]

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