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Fisker halting Surf production, but will build you one if you've got a 'big enough checkbook'


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Like the ambitious diner at the all-you-can-eat-buffet, Fisker's got a lot on its plate. Between recalling all of its self-immolating Karma models, taking flack from its rivals and hiring a new CEO, something had to give. As such, it's halted production on the Surf and Sunset while it concentrates on getting the Nina / Atlantic onto the streets. However, one-percenters needing a five-door EV are in luck -- Fisker's Roger Ormisher has said that "if someone came along with a big enough checkbook" they'd discuss building a model tailored to their needs. While he remained coy about a specific price in his statement to Autoblog (after the break), a Fisker Buzz member has pegged the figure to be $200,000 -- but hey, that's pocket change to you, right?

"The Surf is currently on the back burner as we finalize our plans to bring Atlantic to market. That is the number one focus here at Fisker as the volume of that model is key to our long-term success.

There is no official plan to build the Surf at this stage as an assembly plant volume variant, so the only option available is as a modified, bespoke or custom build Karma. If someone came along with a big enough checkbook, we are always open to discussions."

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