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Olympus expands its point-and-shoot offerings with Stylus VH-410 and VH-515

Brian Heater

Olympus has taken the wraps off of two new point-and-shoots, the compact Stylus VH-410 and the "high-performance" Stylus VH-515. The 410 features a 16-megapixel CCD sensor, a touchscreen and 5x optical zoom. It can shoot movies in 1280 x 720, has Dual IS image stabilization and supports Eye-Fi wireless SD cards. It's set to hit the market mid-October. The 515, meanwhile, is dropping in the middle of next month, bringing with it a 12-megapixel, back-illuminated CMOS sensor, 8x optical zoom with Super Resolution and can shoot video in 1920 x 1080. Check out more info on both cameras in the press releases after the break.

Olympus expands its pointandshoot offerings with two new Stylus models

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Stylish, High-performance Compact digital camera equipped with iHS Technology, for capturing images exactly as they are imagined

Olympus Imaging (President: Haruo Ogawa) is proud to announce the introduction of the OLYMPUS STYLUS VH-515, a camera packed with the most advanced features, such as a back-illuminated CMOS sensor, iHS Technology from a digital SLR image processing engine, Full High-definition movie capability*1, and a Makeup function*2, all in a compact and stylish camera body. It is scheduled to go on sale from mid-September, 2012.
Main Features

With a 12.0 megapixel*3, back-illuminated CMOS sensor, and an image processing engine established with the OLYMPUS PEN, this camera achieves high-sensitivity and low noise images, and a fast AF (iHS technology)
Supports Full High-definition movie (MOV/H.264) shooting*1. Magic Filter*4 is also available for use when shooting movies
Equipped with DUAL IS*6, for double image stabilization, and an 8x optical zoom (Super Resolution 16x zoom) from a 25mm wide-angle*5

Olympus compact digital cameras are equipped with image processing technology in the form of iHS Technology, enabling high-sensitivity, low noise, and a fast AF. With Super Resolution zoom, and iAUTO, which detects subjects and scenes from a maximum of 29 patterns, users can easily capture images just as they appear to the eye.

The OLYMPUS STYLUS VH-515 boasts a 25mm wide-angle, 5x optical zoom (Super Resolution: 16x) in a slim and stylish body, with a rich variety of colors to choose from. The VH-510 is equipped with simple auto functions, such as iAUTO, and Auto Tracking AF that allow anyone to easily take beautiful photos, even those who are new to digital cameras. With DUAL IS, the combination of CMOS shift-type image stabilization and high-sensitivity shooting, both camera shake and subject blur are effectively reduced.

Full High-definition movies are easy to shoot with a single push of the button on the rear of the camera. Magic Filter makes shooting even more fun by including two new filters: Dramatic, and Fragmented. Of the 12 available filters, 10 can also be used for shooting movies. Beauty Mode makes skin appear more smooth and beautiful when shooting, and the Makeup function allows users to apply full makeup after shooting images. Users can enjoy effects such as adding blush or eye shadow, false eyelashes, changing eye color, and making eyes appear bigger. The VH-515 also includes a function that automatically detects pets (dogs and cats) faces, and snaps a photo of them at the best possible timing. This is a compact and stylish camera, filled with features that are useful not only for events, but for everyday snapshots as well.

Simple Operation and Good Photos Available with a Touch Panel Screen, Stylish model, equipped with DUAL IS for excellent image stabilization

Olympus Imaging (President: Haruo Ogawa) is proud to announce the OLYMPUS STYLUS VH-410, a camera packs a 26mm wide-angle*1, 5x optical zoom, Magic Filter*2, Make-up function, touch panel screen, and double image stabilization system DUAL IS*3 into a stylish body. It is scheduled to go on sale from the mid-October 2012.
Main Features

With a 16.0 megapixel*4 CCD, 5x optical zoom, touch panel screen, and DUAL IS, shooting is even easier and more beautiful
Supports shooting of High-definition movies*5 (AVI Motion JPEG). Magic Filter is also available for use when shooting movies
Equipped with the Make-up function for applying full makeup after shooting

The OLYMPUS STYLUS VH-410 boasts a 26mm wide-angle, 5x optical zoom in a slim and stylish body, with a rich variety of colors to choose from. With Touch Focus function, users can touch the subject they want to focus on, and use Touch Shutter to snap pictures. With the inclusion of DUAL IS, even beginners can shoot worry-free images thanks to its excellent image stabilization performance.
Simply pressing the button on the back of the camera allows HD movie shooting, and Magic Filter also adds to the enjoyment of shooting movies on a digital camera.
The VH-410 is packed with advanced functions such as Beauty Mode*6, which corrects the image so skin appears more smooth and beautiful, and Beauty Make-up mode which corrects the image after shooting so that skin and eyes appear more beautiful.

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