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What content would you like to see in scenarios?

Matthew Rossi

Recently I was perusing the forums as I am wont to do (I am also wont to use the archaic phrase "wont to do") when I saw a forum thread about bringing back the Wrathgate as a scenario. My first thought was "Eww, no" -- and it's not because I didn't like the Wrathgate or the Battle for Undercity that followed. I did. I greatly enjoyed both the Horde and Alliance versions.

No, my reaction was based on the extreme negativity of a vocal minority of the playerbase any time anything gets revamped or reused. After listening to a litany of complaints about the return of ZG and ZA, and the complaining about the return of Wyrmrest Temple and the Eye of Eternity in Dragon Soul, and some of the complaints I've already heard about the changes to Scarlet Monastery and Scholomance, I kind of hope they never revamp old content again.

But Vaneras made some good points in his response to the thread. Blizzard is pretty forward-focused right now, but they're not entirely unaware of the idea of returning old content this way.

Vaneras - The Wrathgate Scenario
We are aware and do acknowledge that there are people would like us to focus some more on renewing old content, but we do indeed want the game to progress and evolve with new content. :-)

It has previously been said that adding new content is something we feel is generally more exciting than renewing old content, and this is still true today. Renewing existing content can be great in some situations, especially if it is content that is very popular or if it is content that hasn't been experienced by a large portion of the player-base, but in generally we feel it is better to spend our resources on creating new content that is fresh for everyone.

Existing content has been renewed before though, and it is most likely going to happen again in the future in some form. Even though there are no immediate plans for it, perhaps we will one day get to see the Wrathgate and the fight for the Undercity converted into scenarios :-)

Straddling the line between old and new

This got me thinking (complainers aside) about what would I want to see as a scenario. Since scenarios are meant as group questing-style events, what do I think would be good? It wouldn't necessarily have to be old content, either.

I'd personally love to see a scenario dealing with the worgen and Gilneas. You could easily do one where Horde players go in to try and crush pockets of Gilnean resistance, only to run into packs of feral worgen à la the Howling, while Alliance players have to try and link up with and convince worgen who haven't undergone the balancing rituals to let them help. You could easily imagine a kind of Heart of Darkness in Gilneas.

To my mind, the great thing about scenarios is that they could appear for any content, really. We could have scenarios set in current dungeons or in open world zones like Jintha'Alor. They can use familiar faces and places without being just retreads of old content -- but they could do that, too.

And frankly, Battle for Undercity is one of those events that I really miss from the game, so adding it back as a scenario could be a good idea. So now I want to see it return. In fact, I think scenarios might be the perfect way to see older content make a return. But I don't want to see them become reruns all the time; that would be boring.

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