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Madden 13 getting Ultimate Team 'key packs,' complete player ratings revealed


EA's Madden team detailed new card packs for Madden Ultimate Team this week called "key packs." By completing full sets of solo challenges and card collections in the Madden NFL 13 mode, players earn one random key card, one of 38 rare collectible player cards available at the game's launch. Those addicted to the series' card-collecting mode will be happy to know that these ultra-rare key pack cards can be traded and auctioned away in the game.

Also, for the accountant in all of us, EA Sports revealed a spreadsheet that contains every rating of every player in Madden 13 this week. After seeing a gradual reveal of specific ratings for individual positions over the last few weeks, this wealth of information should be beneficial for those starting their own leagues in Connected Careers mode when Madden 13 launches Tuesday.

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