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T-Mobile memo asks staff to sell 'against the iPhone' on September 21st


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T-Mobile has been virtually screaming for an iPhone deal, but a memo leaked to TmoNews suggests Apple isn't prepared to listen just yet. The note tells carrier staff they'll get training material to learn "selling against the iPhone" from September 21st onwards. Why does that date sound familiar? Although we don't know if T-Mobile has an inside track on Apple's plans or is just making assumptions based on rumors, that's not the language we would associate with a carrier that has a new agreement to sell the iPhone -- not unless it's using a loose definition of the word "against," at least. As a consolation, T-Mobile is reportedly supplying updated micro-SIM kits on August 29th to emphasize its improving support for unlocked iPhones on refarmed 3G spectrum. Nothing's official until Apple struts on stage, of course; you may nonetheless want to research alternatives if getting a cheaper contract phone on Magenta trumps having Cupertino's latest and greatest.

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